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Customer Service Management

A service network can also be defined as a collection of people and information brought together on the internet to provide a specific service or achieve a common business objective. It is an evolving extension of service systems and applies Enterprise 2.0 technologies, also known as enterprise social software, to enable corporations to leverage the advances of the consumer internet for the benefit of business. In this case, the service network is designed to benefit from the wisdom of crowds and a human's natural tendency and desire to share information, collaborate, and self organize into communities of common interests and objectives. In business, the value of collaboration is clearly recognized, but the ability is often hampered by rigid organizational boundaries and fragmented information systems. A service network enables businesses to realize the benefits of mass collaboration despite the constraints of modern organizational structures and systems.

Area Of Experties

  • Customer Service Administration
  • Exceeding targets
  • Salesmanships
  • Customer focus
  • New sales campaigns

  • Telesales
  • Telemarketing
  • Target management
  • Teamleadership/coaching
  • Staff motivation/training
  • Brand management
  • H.R.Administration
  • Promotional Initiatives
  • computer literacy
  • Presentations
  • Computer literacy
  • Quality Assurance

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